Creating Interiors that Promote Wellbeing

The Healing Power of Touch

IOA and CAMA collaborate to design the first family bed chair.  Designed around the healing power of touch, a pull-up, hydraulic lift chair that promotes family/patient interactions at the bedside during a time for hopeful healing.  Click here to learn more.


Touching the Farm River by Linda Cummings

A collection of photographs by artist Linda Cummings exploring the beauty of the Farm River are now on display in the Healing Arts Gallery at Smilow Cancer Hospital. For a complete collection of works and audio guide to the exhibit, visit Click here to download the press packet.

The Changing Landscape of Healthcare: Creating Value in Uncertain Time

Rosalyn Cama and Richard N. Foster have recently participated in the 2014 Yale Healthcare Conference – The Changing Landscape of Healthcare: Creating Value in Uncertain Time.  Their breakout session, Building a Better Delivery System: Creative Design and Innovation In Health, explores how creative destruction and disruptive innovation is necessary to improve health outcomes, utilizing examples such as the current emphasis on patient-centered care and its implications on the built environment.

Lighting Design: The New Normal

Today at the Healthcare Design Conference in Orlando, Florida, Rosalyn Cama presents The New Normal for patient room lighting design with Georgia Institute of Technology researchers Jennifer DuBose and Craig Zimring.  The session explores the biology behind light’s impact on clinical outcomes; recent lighting systems for inpatient rooms aimed at improving patient outcomes; and the results of a collaboration between clinicians and EBD researchers evaluating a new inpatient lighting system intended to provide the experience of sunshine in the room during the course of the day.  On your next building project, consider the wide range of lighting scenarios and solutions that are now possible.  Download The New Normal Worksheet as a tool to help guide the design team.

Places of Wellbeing in 10 Steps

Rosalyn Cama is the keynote speaker for Yale New Haven Health System’s annual Service Excellence Conference, which celebrates the strides made to enhance and improve the patient experience.  New models of reimbursement tied to patient reporting are motivating healthcare systems to stage the right experience for consumers.  In 10 Steps, Rosalyn explains how interior design elements such as wayfinding (Direction and Diversion), clean (Clutter vs Grunge) and acoustics (Shh! Quiet Please) contribute to creating a Place of Wellbeing.


Roz Cama, Elizabeth Oshana, and Erin Peavey recently presented to a group of emerging professionals at ASID’s GoPRO/NYC event.  The session focused on how research informs the creative process. Project examples demonstrated the influence the built environment has on behavior, specifically health outcomes, and how building your knowledge base is a powerful way to springboard your interior design career.